I am more than my Teaching Assistant Job.

When working a 9–5 there does come a time where the stress is overwhelming. The days start to blur into a tiresome repeat, as you pray for Friday to come but only to watch the weekend flash by and you are back to the Monday blues. Sure there are good weeks and bad weeks where maybe you actually find the small pleasures in your work that make it feel like it isn’t too bad. After all, you are getting decent enough pay to pay the bills, enjoy a few treats here and there, so you try to stick it out.

Sure, that doesn’t sound too bad, but how long can that cycle last? Working in education has never been easy. Truthfully, one of the real reasons that I even considered setting foot into education was the holidays. There was even a running joke that I would count down the working days until the next school break on the first day back off one! Maybe that should have been one of my warning signs.

Alas, education is not easy and never let anyone fool you into thinking so. Education is a fulfilling career, nurturing the young mind of tomorrow but also dealing with their emotional development and other needs. Now, this is not for me to go into the pros and cons of the teaching sector for I have only worked as a teaching assistant for five years. I don’t think it is a career I would be turning back to anytime soon. With the pandemic and rules in place, staffing had became rather short. Teachers being off isolating with covid and some teaching on the screens. Teaching assistants had to step up and help out when it was needed. There was a lot more work but the pay didn’t reflect this. The amount that needed to be done whilst making sure senior staff were happy, children’s needs were met, supporting parents whilst keeping up with teaching assistant duties was not manageable.

Most my nights I would return home tired. I’m twenty-five years old. I should not be this tired. Yet, each day remained the same: a bus journey, a three-hour nap, dinner and bed. When the weekends came around it was catching up with cleaning and maybe some rare social interaction that was beyond my family. That was the way that my life seemed to be going. No nights out with friends, chances to play dnd with my fellow heroes and let alone working on my part-time degree.

This was how my life was going.

This is not the way that I want to live.

Without a second thought, I handed in my notice. I am someone who deserves to have so much more in life. People keep on telling me that I am meant for something more. Most of the time I don’t believe them but now I am starting to believe. I am beyond so much. There is so much that I can do. Now is just making sure that I am not wasting this time. There are greater things out in the world for me.

I want to be a writer, I am going to write. I need to look at the world in a new light as there is so much more. I want to live my dreams. For so long I have watched others reach for everything that they love. Now it is my turn. I am more than my teaching assistant job.

The only person now stopping me, is me.




Aspiring Writer, Cozy Gamer, Avid Reader but overall a mess who is just trying to find her place in this wild world.

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Isabella Bruno

Isabella Bruno

Aspiring Writer, Cozy Gamer, Avid Reader but overall a mess who is just trying to find her place in this wild world.

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